Valencia Orange Citrus Tree

Grafted fruit tree

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Valencia Orange Citrus Tree Overview

Imagine picking your own citrus off this tree to either eat or squeeze for fresh orange juice as this is one of the most popular orange juice orange!!! This thin skinned orange will have sweet blooms that will come later than most citrus, with fruit ripening in March through the summer months. They are often called Summer Oranges.

Some soil will be removed to save you on shipping fees.

CANNOT SHIP TO AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, LA or TX due to your State laws and USDA Federal laws and regulations

Valencia Orange Citrus Tree Details

NO SHIPPING TO HI, CA, TX, AZ, LA, GA or FL per USDA Federal Laws

5 Gallon -min. 2-3 Feet Tall - Fruit Bearing Age

Zones 9-10 Fruit Bearing Age

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