Thai Black Banana Tree 2 Gallon

Cold Hardy

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Thai Black Banana Tree 2 Gallon Overview

Mature height up to 18 feet tall - Ornamental

Thai black banana is originally from Thailand. It has a dark black pseudostem and the more it is exposed to the sun, the darker it will get. It is zoned for 7-10 (it has been reported that it may survive zone 6) and is a great landscape plant, that lends a tropical appearance to any situation. If this is out of your zone, don't give up hope. Plant it in the ground during the growing season and bring it indoors for the winter to give your home that same tropical appearance. It does very well in containers and makes a good interior plant.

The plant(s) you purchase will be shipped bareroot, to save you on shipping, in carefully wrapped moist packaging.

Thai Black Banana Tree 2 Gallon Details

Limited Supply

2-3 Feet Tall - 2 gallon size - These are not young starter plants

Hardy in zones 8-10

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