Texas Everbearing Fig Tree

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Texas Everbearing Fig Tree Overview

Own your own fabulous fig tree. This is a picturesque tropical looking tree with a dramatic spreading habit growing to a height of 12-15 feet and is everbearing. If you love figs, this one's for you!!!
This fig is hardy in zones 7-10 but with winter protection they say it can be grown as far north as zone 5.

Figs grow nicely and will bear fruit when grown in containers where they can be artfully pruned to create a living sculpture to decorate decks or patios. This is convenient for two reasons: cold climate growers can move their figs indoors in the winter and the plants can be removed from the patio when the fruit begins to (over)ripen.


CANNOT SHIP TO CA, AZ, AK OR HI per State laws

Texas Everbearing Fig Tree Details

Ficus carica

2 feet tall or taller not young starter plants

Hardy in zones 7-9 Ships in pot during growing season. Ships dormant bareroot in the winter months

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