Red Margin Bamboo COLD HARDY 5 gallon

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Red Margin Bamboo COLD HARDY 5 gallon Overview

Red Margin Bamboo is one of the most popular bamboos to use for screening or as a windbreak. It can reach 55' in height with 3'' canes. It grows fast and spreads rapidly. It's very cold hardy. The canes are green but the new green shoots have a beautiful red color mixed in. It grows well in sun and shade.

Hardy to -5 degrees with winter protection. All other zones will need use it as a container plant and bring it indoors for the winter.

5 gallon size plant. This is not a seedling. I take divisions from my plants and pot them to let them grow out. This variety is a running bamboo.

The plant you purchase will be shipped semi-bareroot with soil and carefully packaged. Your plant will then be mailed using USPS priority mail.

Red Margin Bamboo COLD HARDY 5 gallon Details


Great in containers if you live north of zone 6

Hardy in zones 6-9

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