Red Cherokee Chief Dogwood Tree Large

4-5 Feet Tall 3 gallon

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Red Cherokee Chief Dogwood Tree Large Overview

You won't believe how full these trees are. The Cherokee Chief offers an impressive array of landscaping benefits. The lower branches of this "bird magnet" will have a horizontal branching pattern, which in itself lends interest to the landscape. These dogwoods grow to a height of 20'-25' and a spread of 12'-15'. This dogwood tree puts out red blooms in spring, while its fall foliage ranges from reddish-bronze to purplish.

Red Flowering Dogwood may be used in a variety of landscapes and are excellent accent plantings around the terrace or patio. Cherokee Chief Dogwood is considered by many to be the best red flowering dogwood on the market today.

These plants are already 4-5 foot tall with a large, healthy root!!!! This is not single branched tree and my trees are a very high quality.

You know it's spring when the dogwoods are blooming. Don't hesitate...get yours today as I have a very limited supply.

Red Cherokee Chief Dogwood Tree Large Details

Cornus Florida

LIMITED SUPPLY - Local pickup only

Hardy in zones 5-9

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