Nancyana Elephant Ears Pair

Nancys Revenge

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Nancyana Elephant Ears Pair Overview

Nancyana is one of those elephant ears that everyone wants in their gardens. Just look at the coloring and that changes from spring to fall. The plant starts out green in the spring and slowly changes until fall bringing out more of the variegation.

This plant features deep green leaves with a wide white mid-vein, which trails into the leaves. The leaves will reach 2 ft. in width x 3 ft. in length. Nancyana sends out lots of side stolons which will root into the soil where moisture is adequate. The more moisture, the larger the plant will grow. These plants will reach 5 - 6' tall.

Some leaves may have to be removed prior to shipping. New leaves quickly grow once planted/potted.

Nancyana Elephant Ears Pair Details

Colocasia Esculenta

1 gallon - These are not young starter plants

Hardy in zones 7-11 Shipped bareroot

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