Nagami Kumquat Citrus Fruit Tree

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Nagami Kumquat Citrus Fruit Tree Overview

The Nagami (Oval Kumquat) is the most comon variety of Kumquat in the USA. The fruit is tart and is great for cooking and making jellies. Nagami is shrub like and it looks similar to an orange tree. This plant bears a large crop of fruit that is a very bright orange.

This plant is hardy in zones 8-10. If you live above zone 8, you can plant it in a container and bring it indoors for the winter. For those in zone 8, give this plant winter protection if the temps go below freezing.

Some soil will be removed to save you on shipping costs.

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Nagami Kumquat Citrus Fruit Tree Details

NO SHIPPING TO HI, CA, TX, AZ, LA or FL per USDA Federal Laws

3 Gallon- Approx. 6 Feet Tall or taller- Fruit bearing age LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Hardy in zones 8-10

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