Mayhaw Fruit Tree Crataegus aestivalis

2-3 feet tall or taller

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Mayhaw Fruit Tree Crataegus aestivalis Overview

MAYHAW TREE  Crataegus aestivalis 


The Mayhaw tree is a small native fruit tree that can be found growing from east Texas to Georgia and as far north as Kentucky. It is known for its love of water but will also grow well in your yard or home garden.

The Mayhaw is self pollinating although you will reap a larger crop per tree if you plant two or more. It produces small cranberry like fruits that can be used for making jelly, preserves, syrup, punch and wine. When eaten fresh it will taste similar to a crabapple and is high in antioxidants.

Produces best in partial to full sun.

The Mayhaw tree has attractive foliage, showy blossoms, and clusters of bright fruit. Grows to 15-25 feet tall. Harvest time is late April-May. Fruit should be allowed to ripen on the tree. It will fall on its own or when the tree is shaken.

**If purchasing during the winter months, if you don't know what dormant/bareroot is, please ask before purchasing. Upon arrival, you tree will resemble a stick with roots** Ships from Marthas Secrets. Cannot Ship to CA, AZ, AK, HI, OR or WA PER State Laws



Cannot Ship to CA, AZ, AK, or HI  PER State Laws 

Mayhaw Fruit Tree Crataegus aestivalis Details

Mayhaw Tree

Self pollinating Ships in pot Good for making jellies, jams, syrup and wine

Hardy in zones 6-11

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