Macrorrhiza Giant Elephant Ear Pair


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Macrorrhiza Giant Elephant Ear Pair Overview

If you are looking for a giant plant then this is the right elephant ear for you. The thick sculpted glossy green leaves are held upright on dramatically rigid stems that can reach up to 10 feet tall. The leaves are very large with a width of about 2-4 feet and length of about 3-6 feet. Macrorrhiza will even grow very well in wet locations and will do well in a variety of light conditions ranging from almost full sun to partial shade.

Some leaves may have to be removed prior to shipping. New leaves quickly grow once planted/potted.

Macrorrhiza Giant Elephant Ear Pair Details

Alocasia Giant Taro

These are not young starter plants

Zones 7-11 - Full Sun to part shade

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