Kaffir Lime Asian Citrus Fruit Tree 5 Gallon

Grafted 2-3 Feet Tall or taller

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Kaffir Lime Asian Citrus Fruit Tree 5 Gallon Overview


The Kaffir Lime Tree is a unique lime that will bear good crops of small, intensely fragrant, bumpy fruit that is also used in Asian cooking. It is prized for very spicy leaves that are used to flavor curries and other dishes. The kaffir lime tree is well suited to container growing. The fruit is rough, bumpy green with very fragrant leaves. Even a small scratch of the lime releases a roomful of refreshing fragrance like a fragrant bouquet of citrus blossoms.

Some soil will be removed to save you on shipping costs.

Shipping costs are an estimate as this tree has to ship in an oversized box.

Trees have been pruned to 3 feet tall and will start leafing back out in a few weeks.

CANNOT SHIP TO AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, LA or TX due to your State laws and USDA Federal laws and regulations


Kaffir Lime Asian Citrus Fruit Tree 5 Gallon Details

Citrus hystrix - NO SHIPPING TO HI, CA, TX, AZ, LA,GA or FL per USDA Federal Laws

3 Gallon- fruit bearing age - self pollinating

Zones 9-10

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