Jujube Tree Lang 3 Gallon

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Jujube Tree Lang 3 Gallon Overview

'Lang' produces fruit that are incredibly tasty when fully ripe, but not until then. Wait for the fruit to turn dark before eating. These fruit are also excellent if left on the tree to dry. Tree is upright and nearly thornless. Lang needs a pollinator and It's best to plant with 'Li' for maximum-sized fruit crop, which is early to mid-September. I do carry Li Jujube as well.

The jujube can withstand a wide range of temperatures; virtually no temperature seems to be too high in summertime. Winter dormancy allows it to withstand temperatures to about -28° F, yet it requires only a small amount of winter chill in order for it to set fruit. The plant revels in summer sun and heat. Jujube trees are not particularly suitable for container culture, but can be grown in this manner in a large container. Can grow up to 30' tall after 30 years. Shipping fees are estimate.


Jujube Tree Lang 3 Gallon Details

Ziziphus jujuba Chinese Date

Very limited supply Ships dormant/bareroot

Hardy in zones 5-10 Needs Li as a pollinator

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