Jacks Giant Elephant Ears PAIR

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Jacks Giant Elephant Ears PAIR Overview

If you thought the Gigantea Elephant ear that I carry is big, you 'ain't seen nothin' yet! This is an exciting new elephant ear to add to your collection. Jack's Giant grows fast. Once you get Jack planted, he is going to take off and grow up to 7 feet tall. If you live north of zone 7, dig Jack up in the fall and store him for the winter months.

All but the newest leaf will have to be removed prior to shipping as they will wilt during shipping/transplanting. New leaves quickly grow once planted/potted.

If ordered during the winter months or early spring, they may ship as dormant bulbs.

The height of this plant varies with the season.

Other sizes are available.

Jacks Giant Elephant Ears PAIR Details

Colocasia Giant Grows to 7 feet tall!!!

1 pair shipped bareroot

Hardy in zones 7-10

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