Ichikikei Jiro Japanese Persimmon Tree


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Ichikikei Jiro Japanese Persimmon Tree Overview

Ichikikei Jiro is a bud sport from Jiro. The tree is smaller
than most and bears a nice crop. A non-astringent variety
means that it is sweet and delicious when it has become
orange to orange-red in color and is still firm. In addition to
the large beautiful fruit the tree bears, it will make a
dramatic impact to your landscaping in the fall.

When all the fruit on the tree becomes orange, the leaves
will change to beautiful fall colors of red, orange and yellow.

You should see fruit on these trees in approx. 1-3 years
depending on your climate.

Ships in pot during the growing season. Ships dormant/bareroot during the winter months

No shipping to AK or HI per your State Laws

Ichikikei Jiro Japanese Persimmon Tree Details

Non Astringent - Self Pollinating Grafted Tree

Approx. 1-2 feet tall or taller Ships dormant bareroot

Hardy in zones 6-10

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