Grapefruit Ruby Red Citrus Tree


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Grapefruit Ruby Red Citrus Tree Overview

Imagine picking your own citrus off this tree to either eat or squeeze for fresh grapefruit juice. The fruit looks like ordinary grapefruit, except the rind is thicker and ripens with a red hue. The red juice has a sweet flavor with just a hint of tartness. One half of an average-sized red grapefruit provides 80% of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C and important anti-oxidants.

Ruby Red Grapefruit makes the most delightful potted specimen. With a well branched growth habit, fruiting easily remains contained.

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Grapefruit Ruby Red Citrus Tree Details

Citrus paradisi NO SHIPPING TO HI, CA, TX, AZ, LA or FL per USDA Federal Laws

5 Gallon- 3-4 Feet Tall - Fruit bearing age LIMITED SUPPLY

Hardy in Zones 8-11

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