Dr. Seuss Brugmansia Angel Trumpet

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Dr. Seuss Brugmansia Angel Trumpet Overview

This is one of my favorite brugmansias to grow as it umbrellas nicely in the garden. This one is a traffic stopper for sure.

If you've never grown a Brugmansia, you are really missing out. These plants are fast growing and heavy feeders. But the best part is the bloom. In addition to the bloom is the scent that the bloom has in the evening hours. It's wonderful to sit out on the patio in the evenings and have such scent in the air.

I take cuttings in the fall and root them over the winter.

If you live in zones 8 or above, you can plant it directly in the ground. For those above zone 8, use it as a patio specimen and bring it indoors for the winter. Or you can plant it in the ground all season, then cut it back, dig it up and store it in a cool spot like a basement or garage. Just be sure that you don't put it where the roots can freeze.

Dr. Seuss Brugmansia Angel Trumpet Details

Live Plant

Shipped with planting instructions

Hardy in zones 8-10

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