Chinese Yellow Banana Tree

cold hardy

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Chinese Yellow Banana Tree Overview

This is one of the rarest banana plants in the world
This rare, highly ornamental banana plant is perfect for tropical styled gardens even in cooler climate zones. The foliage is beautiful and the yellow flower it produces is spectacular and will remain in bloom for approx. 6 months. Chinese Yellow banana does very well in containers and makes a good interior plant for those who are above zone 5.
It is a fast growers and can grow to 5' tall and spread up to 15' in diameter once planted in the ground or in a larger container.
I let these plants go dormant each year so depending on the time of year that you purchase, you will receive it as a dormant bulb or non-dormant (leafed out).
**Those in zones 5 and 6** - These plants resist light frost but die back at 28 degrees F. You will need to mulch the roots in order to protect them from freezing.

Chinese Yellow Banana Tree Details

Musella lasiocarpa

2 gallon size

Zones 5 and up (zones 5 & 6 see note in ad)

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