Chicago Harlequin Elephant Ear Pair

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Chicago Harlequin Elephant Ear Pair Overview

For those collectors of Elephant Ears, you must try this striped elephant ear.

The giant green leaves of C. ‘Chicago Harlequin’ are each blotched with large lighter green random sectors. The highlight however is the tall 5’ stems which are vividly striped with cream and green vertical bands. ‘Chicago Harlequin’ spreads rapidly in very wet areas by means of above ground rhizomes.

Leaves may have to be removed prior to shipping. New leaves quickly grow once planted/potted.  Can ship dormant in the winter months. Size depends on time of year.

Chicago Harlequin Elephant Ear Pair Details

Colocasia esculenta

These are not young starter plants

Hardy in zones 7-10 Shipped bareroot

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