Calamondin Miniature Orange Citrus Tree

Grafted Citrus Fruit

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Calamondin Miniature Orange Citrus Tree Overview

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The Calamondin is a heavy producer of small edible oranges. It's as cold hardy as the Satsuma and is very drought tolerant. The tree, which is often trained as a bonsai, will bloom all year long while filling the air with it's sweet smelling citrus blossoms. The flowers and fruit will often appear at the same time. The not quite 2-inch-diameter fruit peels easily and has relatively few seeds. These are really very nice full trees that are evergreen, nearly thornless and will eventually reach a manageable size of about 5 feet tall if containerized.

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Calamondin Miniature Orange Citrus Tree Details

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3 gallon 2 feet tall or taller - Fruit Bearing Age

Hardy in Zones 8-11

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