Buddhas Hand Citrus Tree

Fingered Citron

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Buddhas Hand Citrus Tree Overview

Buddah's Hand is supposed to be one of the most ancient citrus known to man, originating in India thousands of years ago.It is cultivated for its fragrant rind, which is used to flavor dishes, is candied or is turned into marmalade. The fruit from this plant has a lemony perfume and is used to flavor liquers, vodka, vermouth, etc., and for medicinal purposes. It has been used in Asian countries medicinally for centuries. You will spend about $8.99 for each piece of fruit that this plant produces at Whole Foods and large supermarkets. It will keep for about two weeks at room temperature. The fruit itself is a type of citron and is often describedas lemon-like. The fruit is segmented into finger-like sections. It has a thick peel and a small amount of acidic flesh and is seedless and juiceless.

You will receive one Buddah's Hand citrus tree that is approx. 1 foot tall. It will be shipped in it's growing container via USPS Priority mail along with planting instructions. These are young plants that are not yet branching out.

If you live above zone 9, you can winter citrus trees indoors.

CANNOT SHIP TO AZ, CA, FL, GA, HI, LA or TX due to your State laws and USDA Federal laws and regulations

Buddhas Hand Citrus Tree Details

NO SHIPPING TO HI, CA, TX, AZ, LA,GA or FL per USDA Federal Laws

Limited Supply - Rare - Unusual

Zones 9-10

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