Black Ruffles Elephant Ear pair

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Black Ruffles Elephant Ear pair Overview

Stunning is what you'll say about this elephant ear. It grows to 6' tall and multiplies fast.

These magnificent elephant ears will help to turn your landscape into a tropical paradise. Just look at the photo...that says it all!

This is an exciting elephant ear to add to your collection. Black Ruffles is a sport of Colocasia Black Magic and is identical except that it has ruffled leaves. It has intense colors with dark plum leaves that appear black. The 2 ft. leaves grow on dark burgundy black stems.

This elephant ear does well in the ground, boggy areas or in your pond. You can grow this in full sun or part shade. If you grow it in full sun, make sure you water it heavily. The more sun it gets, the darker the leaves. This elephant ear is also a heavy feeder so use a slow release fertilizer or water once weekly with a liquid fertilizer.

Some leaves will have to be removed prior to shipping. New leaves quickly grow once planted/potted.

Size varies due to availability and time of year. Can ship dormant in winter months.

Black Ruffles Elephant Ear pair Details

Colocasia esculenta

Hardy in zones 7-10 Shipped bareroot

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