Banana Canna Musafolia Pair

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Banana Canna Musafolia Pair Overview

This is a great landscape plant, it lends a tropical appearance to any situation. It's also a wonderful addition for gardeners living in cold temperate areas who want the look and feel of the tropics in their gardens. This plant grows to 12-14 feet tall and have very large, banana-like leaves that are green with a striking red border. This plant rarely flowers, but when it does it will produce one that is small and red in color. These plants multiply fast. Order today to enjoy these cold hardy tropical plants!

These plants are fast growers and may have to be trimmed back prior to shipping depending on the time of year. I let these plants go dormant each year so depending on the time of year that you purchase, you will receive your pair of Banana Cannas as dormant bulbs or non-dormant (leafed out).

Banana Canna Musafolia Pair Details

Banana Canna

These are not young starter plants

Hardy in zones 7-11 Shipped bareroot

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