Sasaella bamboo masamuneana albostriata

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Sasaella bamboo masamuneana albostriata Overview

Attractive variegated bamboo with thick leaves that are striped in white or cream. This makes a wonderful groundcover and is great in areas where you have trouble growing grass. It, like many other groundcover bamboos, benefits from mowing to the ground early each spring.  Annual mowing is important to rejuvenate the variegation as it tends to grow more green foliage during the summer and more variegated foliage in the spring. 

Hardy to 0 degrees. All other zones will need use it as a container plant and bring it indoors for the winter.

You will receive a plant that is growing in a one gallon size container. This is not a seedling. I take divisions from my plants and pot them to let them grow out. This variety is a running bamboo and does best in 1/2 day sun or filtered light.

The plant you purchase will be shipped semi-bareroot and carefully packaged. Your plant will then be mailed using USPS priority mail.

Sasaella bamboo masamuneana albostriata Details

Green Striped COLD HARDY

1 gallon

Hardy to zero degrees

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