Pear Cocktail Tree

multiple varieties of pears on one tree

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Pear Cocktail Tree Overview

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My Pear Cocktail Tree will bear multiple varieties of pears on one tree. And, it's self pollinating.

The varieties are  Sugar, Pineapple, and Keiffer.

Your tree will grow to 15-18' tall.

This plant is hard to come by as they are bud grafted by hand.

The plant(s) you purchase will be shipped via USPS Priority mail along with planting instructions. If ordering during the winter months your tree, upon arrival, will resemble a stick with roots and will put out branches this coming spring. Each branch will represent each one of the fruits listed above.

Pear Cocktail Tree Details

Hand bud grafted

Bud Grafted By Hand - Ships in pot

Hardy in zones 5-8

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