Apple Cocktail Grafted Large


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Apple Cocktail Grafted Large Overview

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Spring comes early here in South Carolina.  Once they break dormancy,  the trees will only be available for local pickup. 

If you love apples, this is a must have. My 4 In One Apple Tree will bear 4 different types of apples on one tree.

Self pollinating.

You'll have Gala, Red delicious, Yellow Delicious, Granny Smith, and last, but not least, Fuji apples all on one tree   !!!!!  
Your tree will grow to 12-18' tall.

Trees are approx. 3 feet tall give or take.  These trees are branched and should start producing fruit this coming season.  



Apple Cocktail Grafted Large Details

Fuji, Gala, Red delicious, Granny Smith

Very limited supply

Hardy in zones 4-8

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