20th Century Asian Pear Tree

Twentieth Century Asian Pear

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20th Century Asian Pear Tree Overview

The 20TH CENTURY pear has a unique texture and taste as it's very sweet, slightly tart and juicy. The fruit is round . Asian Pears are good for cooking and eating fresh. The 20TH CENTURY Asian Pear has green/yellow skin. The tree is of medium size and is a heavy bearer. This tree does not require pollination but to have larger crops, a cross-pollinator is suggested. I also carry Korean Giant, Housi and Shinko Asian Pears and they can be used as cross-pollinators.

20th Century Asian Pear Tree Details

Nijiseiki Asian apple

Limited Supply - Rare - Unusual 2-3 feet tall

Hardy in zones 4-9 Ships dormant/bareroot

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