Methley Japanese Plum Tree Grafted

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Methley Japanese Plum Tree Grafted Overview

Methley Japanese plum trees is vigorous and considered more productive and attractive than just about any other plum tree. Methley produces an abundant amount of fruit each year. In fact, one harvest can require multiple pickings! It's an upright, spreading tree with pretty springtime blossoms and glossy green leaves that make it quite ornamental. Methely is harvested in late June to early July. The fruit is delicious. You can eat the fruit fresh off the tree or make plum preserves.

Methley is self pollinating which means it does not require another plum tree to produce fruit. It's heat tolerant, disease resistant and is a low maintenance tree that requires little to no pruning. It's will serve as a great pollinator for other Japanese plum trees. This is an ideal fruit tree for growing zones 5-9.


Methley Japanese Plum Tree Grafted Details


Hardy in zones 5-9

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