Dogwoods and Japanese Persimmons FYI

I have a few rants regarding red and pink dogwood trees as well as Japanese Persimmon trees if you will bear with me.

I continually see Red and Pink dogwood seeds for sale online.  Although it's not totally impossible to grow the red and pink dogwood from seed, it's more than likely that you will end up with a white flowering dogwood tree even if you collected the seeds from a red or pink dogwood.  The odds are such that you would have better  luck trying to win the lottery. The only predictable way to grow a pink or red dogwood ( or one of the beautiful Dogwoods with variegated leaves)  is to bud or graft the desired variety onto a White Dogwood seedling.

Another seed that I see are Japanese Persimmon trees.  The majority of the fruit are seedless and or sterile.  In addition, even if one could be produced from seed, it will not be cold hardy. My trees are grafted onto cold hardy root stock so that the trees can survive as far north as Zone 6.  If you were to grow the Japanese Persimmon tree via cuttings, it would only be cold hardy to zone 10.