Summer Chocolate Mimosa Tree LOCAL PICKUP ONLY

Black mimosa tree Rare Hard to find

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Due to the size/weight of this plant, we are unable to ship it via our normal carrier (USPS). Please contact us for details on how to order this plant. Thanks!

No shipping to CA, AZ, AK, or HI per your State laws.

Summer Chocolate Mimosa Tree LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Overview

What a rare beauty this tree is!


Will ship again in fall of 2014 when the trees go dormant


The Summer Chocolate Mimosa Tree is one that will maintain its dark color in hot humid climates. At first the leaves will emerge as a bronze and or green color. As spring turns to summer, the leaves will then darken to a rich dark chocolate. Your tree will bloom just like a regular Mimosa tree giving you beautiful pink clusters of blooms.

The trees are now dormant  and will ship bareroot.  The trees may not yet branching but will branch out during the growing season. 

Trees may be pruned prior to shipping.

This is a patented plant and cannot be propagated.

Summer Chocolate Mimosa Tree LOCAL PICKUP ONLY Details

Albizia julibrissin Black Silk Tree

3-4 feet tall or taller VERY LIMITED SUPPLY

Zones 6-10

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